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How to assemble a 48V lithium battery pack by yourself?

by:Vglory      2021-04-09
How to assemble your own 48-volt lithium battery pack? How to assemble your own 48-volt lithium battery pack? How to assemble a 48-volt lithium battery pack by yourself is the best for many people who want to assemble by themselves but do not have relevant experience or professional knowledge problem. A successfully assembled lithium battery pack can also be called a lithium battery pack, but a real lithium battery pack has more materials than a lithium battery pack, and a lithium battery pack can be assembled again. When assembling a lithium battery is a process that most people don’t understand but want to do, how should you do it? Searching for questions on the Internet, but there are many answers, making people confused and less and less aware of what to do Sample. On this issue, we have compiled a set of detailed instructions on how to assemble a 48-volt lithium battery pack. How to assemble a 48V lithium battery pack 1. Accounting data Before assembling a 48V lithium battery pack, it is necessary to calculate the demand according to the product standard and the required load capacity of the lithium battery pack, and then calculate according to the required capacity of the product. Select the lithium battery for the calculation result. 2. Prepare materials and choose high-quality and reliable lithium batteries. It is best to buy lithium batteries at a quality-guaranteed store or manufacturer, rather than from individuals or other unreliable places. After all, the lithium battery assembly, if there is a problem in the assembly process, the lithium battery may be at risk. In addition to reliable lithium battery quality, a precision lithium battery balance guard is also required. In the current market, the quality of the protective plate is uneven, and there are analog batteries, which are difficult to distinguish from the appearance. Assuming to choose, it is best to choose digital circuit control. The container for the lithium battery should also be prepared to prevent the battery pack from being in place and changing with movement. The lithium battery string is used for barrier materials and better fixation. Every two lithium batteries are glued together with silicone rubber and other adhesives. Lithium batteries in series also need nickel chips. In addition to these primary materials, some other materials should be prepared for use in the assembly of lithium battery packs. 3. The detailed assembly process. First, place the lithium batteries neatly, and then fix each string of lithium batteries with materials. After each string of lithium batteries is fixed, it is best to use insulating materials such as barley paper to separate each string of lithium batteries to damage the skin of the lithium batteries and cause short circuits in the future. After the nickel bar is placed and fixed, it can be used in the most important series of processes. After the lithium battery series process is completed, only follow-up production will be completed. The battery is bound with tape, and the positive and negative electrodes are covered with barley paper to prevent short circuits caused by subsequent operation errors. Also pay attention to the protective plate of the equipment. Determine the position of the protective plate, sort out the layout of the protective plate, and separate the layout line from the local tape to prevent the risk of short circuit. After the cable is combed, trimming is necessary. After all, the wire tin is included, and the solder wire must be used well. The behavior of self-assembled 48v lithium battery packs. People who do not understand this aspect are not recommended to start ignorant. They also know some related information in order to better deal with the accident. The assembly process can be better dealt with. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of the articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete.
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