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How quick charge lithium battery?

by:Vglory      2020-08-27
Charge the battery from the power supply system in the offline, can be in a very short time filling up the capacity of the battery, its method called quick charge. The constant pressure value can be improved to 2. 45 v/single to 2. 50 v/single ( 25℃) , can in 10 - charging Within 12 h. The above various charging methods involve charging current limiting and constant-voltage charging process of two stage, if only constant pressure unlimited flow, damage to the battery ( Harm) Is very large. Early because of the constant voltage charging charging current will be particularly big, big charging current electrode active material in the holes on the dramatic increase in the electrolyte concentration, and the diffusion velocity of electrolyte can't keep up with the requirements of concentration polarization and electrochemical polarization speed, inevitably produce high overpotential trend, when the charging voltage is constant, thus into the charging current is very large. At the beginning of the charging charging current is too large, the positive active material PbO: with the cathode active material tightly Pb are very fine crystal particles, reducing the porosity, the internal lead sulfate was searched cover, hard to take part in the reaction, affect the depth of the charge. These charging method, the current efficiency is related to the following factors. 1) battery positive electrode active material thickness and porosity. If the active material porosity large thin plate, good diffusion, electrolyte is reduced polarization. (2) uniform current distribution on the plate, the resistance is small, can reduce the wastage of the charging current. (3) the depth of discharge. The deeper the depth of discharge, the positive active material Pbo: greatly reduced and the cathode active material Pb, need to increase in the number of material transformation by charging, charging that take part in the reaction product is more, so as to improve the ability to charge to accept. (4) the analysis of the battery, thin bamboo cover around the anode anode, increase the battery internal resistance, exacerbating the ohm polarization, affect the efficiency of charging current.
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