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How much is an electric car battery?

by:Vglory      2021-04-24
Everyone knows that electric vehicles generally have to replace their batteries from time to time. However, there are many types of electric vehicle battery brands on the market, and various promotions are also emerging. How to buy a good battery? How much does the battery cost? This is often troubled. Some consumers. The following author tells everyone about the price of electric vehicle batteries and the precautions for purchase:   1. Price of electric vehicle batteries  Electric vehicle batteries are sold in groups, usually a group of 4, with one electric vehicle. The price of electric vehicle batteries is closely related to the quality and brand of the batteries. Let's take the battery of high quality and good after-sales as an example to talk about the price of electric vehicle batteries. The price of the battery: 12AH (group) wholesale price: about 350 yuan, 20AH (group) wholesale price: about 500 yuan (one year warranty). The battery can generally be used for about 3 years, which is significantly improved compared to other batteries on the market in terms of endurance and service life. 2. Precautions 1. Whether the appearance of the battery is intact and normal. The new electric vehicle batteries are all standard specifications, and there will be no scratches, deformation, cracks, leakage, etc., when it is found that there is a battery on the purchased electric vehicle battery. These traces mean that the battery is not new, so consumers should be careful.  2, whether there are words such as not-for-sale in the battery box.   Batteries marked as non-sale are generally maintenance batteries or revolving batteries, which are used for after-sales use, not new batteries. 3. Whether it pollutes the environment.    Pay attention to battery pollution. It is best to buy and use low-polluting cadmium-free batteries to prevent harmful substances from harming the body; it is recommended that the used batteries be handed over to the designated recycling station, do not casually discard them, so as to avoid pollution to the environment and food.   There are many brand manufacturers selling electric vehicle batteries on the market, and the prices of electric vehicle batteries generally vary. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the quality of the battery when buying a battery. Previous post: Directly hit the agent conference-VCR Fuzhou recording!
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