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Holiday, the reasons of the battery must be added in the electric current

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Having holiday, master a lot of electric vehicles, finished, when work, found that electric vehicle battery doesn't work, to supplement current, charging machine cannot identify low voltage, will speed up the battery sulfide, electric vehicle battery with electrolyte shelved for a long time, because of its positive pole ear galvanic corrosion electrochemical reaction occurs, and seriously affect the cycle of the battery life; In the process of the positive pole ear after fracture, charging high voltage, low density; The positive pole in the process of discharge column to fever, discharge capacity is very low; The battery internal resistance is definitely too high; As the charge and discharge cycle for its capacity will be more and more low, and self-discharge faster; Electric vehicle battery positive electrode extremely serious corrosion in the ear, in the process of charging the terminal voltage and density will not necessarily abnormal; Obviously low discharge capacity in the process of discharge, the positive column may have fever; The battery internal resistance is higher than normal cells; Battery positive pole ear after the severe corrosion and fracture, in the process of charging and discharging phenomena happened with battery sulfide phenomenon is basically the same, but at the time of discharge column show the positive pole fever phenomenon; If use improper maintenance, battery anode busbar corrosion and easy to appear early in life, or the corrosion and fracture of the positive pole column can be judged by the above phenomenon, once this kind of problem with one of the battery, there is no need to repair it.
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