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High power lithium battery supply encroach on lead-acid batteries

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
A new world has come, in China 'Internet +, under the national strategy of 4 in the industry. 0 transformation, in the practice of intelligent manufacturing 2025, in every industry in the hard work and dedication, we continue to shape and create brilliant. Chinese President xi jinping stressed several times, the car industry is a large market and high technology content and management of fine degree of industry, the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for our country from a big car to car power, to strengthen research and development, carefully study the market, with good policy, development to meet the needs of a variety of products, making it a strong growth. Lithium electricity 'davos', with the industry's attention and concern, the expectation and mission, with the industry entrepreneurs in China through the yichun, jiangxi province through the chengdu, sichuan province. In 2015, we will together, hand in hand together into the hubei wuhan. As of May 2015, the global electric car accumulative total sales of more than 750000 vehicles. And China's 1-2015 Production for 7 June. 850000 new energy car. In June, China's new energy ( 20. 49, - 0. 34. - 1. 63%) 2 in automobile production. 50000, rose 3 times. Among them, the pure electric passenger car production 1. , 050000 vehicles increased 2 times, plug-in hybrid 6663 vehicles, passenger car production rose 7 times; 6218 vehicles, pure electric commercial vehicle production increased 5 times, 1645 plug-in hybrid commercial vehicle production, up 148% from a year earlier. The personage inside course of study is widely expected to, in 2015 China's new energy automobile production volume will reach 15 About 200000 vehicles. At the same time, in 2014, the global lithium power battery shipments reached 10012. 8 MWH, year-on-year growth in 2013, 109. 39%. In the first quarter of 2015, China's lithium battery production to 10. Nature 400 million, increased to 3. 1%, suggesting that the current power lithium battery production growth is far from can meet the needs of the development of new energy vehicles, high power lithium battery products market in short supply. In this context, we expect the next ten years, our country power lithium battery industry is expected to exceed 160 billion yuan. Lithium resources, middle key materials and downstream assembly market will have good development. At the same time we also watch the power lithium battery market in 2015, is expected to power lithium battery market share will reach 38% this year, the capacity will be as high as 50 YiAn. 2015 small lithium ion battery industry will reach more than $50 billion, to the world and China's lithium ion battery enterprises with steady growth of market infrastructure. We also see that began in the 2015 global power battery technology research and development and competition capacity of the race. Traditional automotive tripping enterprises such as Volkswagen, BMW, mercedes-benz, gm, nissan, Toyota, etc. , are all involved in power battery development research, energy density steadily refresh, 'range anxiety' problem solved by slowly. Charging pile layout is also underway, tesla [ Weibo] Such as car companies not only in the United States launched a charging pile of race, in the Chinese market also started the great leap forward and construction. 'chicken and egg' argument was temporarily put on hold, a new business model to solve the problem is increasingly the exploration, innovation and sublimation. In the field of energy storage, lithium battery has gradually formed the market, in slowly eroded the traditional lead-acid battery to rule the world. In prices driven waning at the same time, however, significantly improve the battery energy density of the application of new technologies on the horizon. Due to measurement of the current year of the new nissan LeafEV and general VoltPHEV will adopt the battery energy density can be increased by 30% of new technology, to accompany the application of lightweight technology of pure electric vehicle range will be extended by more than 30%. Obviously, the large-scale application of new technology will double back on every year the high-speed electric car market growth trajectory. Represented by electric car of new energy vehicles is expected to grow to lead the global economy from the trough the decisive force. We believe that already take part in the large-scale application of the new type of battery technology development exist two direction roughly: (1) to 5 v level of nickel manganese acid lithium battery technology represented by the high voltage direction; (2) in guarantee under the premise of safety factor is not reduced, with three yuan materials ( Sliding and NCA) Orientation of high capacity battery technology. These two kinds of technology can be will increase the energy density of lithium ion batteries to more than 200 wh/kg. Can see the dawn of mass production, after two or three years, or will implement the large-scale application of solid-state battery technology has entered the production stage, and this kind of technology will increase the energy density of lithium ion batteries to more than 300 wh/kg, and the safety factor will be more on a stage. The development of these new type of battery technology, thanks to the related materials technology breakthrough. Today's power battery industry is the increase of the number of the new energy vehicles and rising demand, even will usher in explosive growth, lithium power battery also in slowly devouring the lead-acid battery as the mainstream of power battery.
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