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Forklift lithium iron phosphate lithium battery characteristics

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Forklift truck at home and abroad, most is given priority to with lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries in recent years, with the birth of the electric car, the people environmental protection consciousness gradually enhanced, lithium lithium iron batteries arises at the historic moment, changed the traditional main structure of the lead-acid battery forklift, lithium iron phosphate batteries used in electric forklift truck is mainly manifested in several aspects: 1, the working voltage is higher. Working voltage is refers to the battery voltage needed for the normal work, improve the working voltage, can increase the stability of the battery performance, but will change the battery chemical medium cause fever, reduce battery life. The lithium iron phosphate battery voltage up to 3. 2 v, and the working voltage of lead-acid battery 2. More stability than 1 v battery. 2, is bigger than energy. Than is refers to the battery unit mass or energy per unit volume can output power, the quality of the lithium iron phosphate battery than the energy of 120 wh/kg,; And volume of 200 wh/L energy, both energy than about almost three times that of lead-acid batteries. From this also suggests that only a third lead-acid battery volume can achieve the same capacity, thus greatly reduced the volume of the battery. 3, long cycle life, high cost performance. Lattice stability, lithium iron phosphate lithium ion of embedding and emergence of lattice impact is not big, so it has good reversibility, can charge and discharge more than 2000 times, long life cycle life of lead-acid battery in about 300 times, the highest is 500 times, under the same conditions using lead-acid battery 1 ~ 1. Five years, lithium iron phosphate battery will reach 7 ~ 8 years. Comprehensive consideration, the price performance ratio for lead-acid batteries more than four times. 4, high safety performance and environmental protection, no pollution. Battery USES the safe and reliable import the anode material, safe and reliable power management system, and has set up a strict security test even in the worst accident won't produce explosion. In terms of environmental protection, do not contain any harmful heavy metals to human body, basically without any pollution, are fully non-toxic. 5, large power charge and discharge times. Under normal circumstances can be continued to 2 times the battery discharge capacity, special design can rapidly, in the battery capacity of 10 times the discharge, Under the special charger, 1. Five times the battery charging capacity of 40 minutes can make the battery. Such moments of high current discharge, make the acceleration of electric forklift and ascend the goods when the power is not inferior to the internal combustion vehicle. 6, battery maintenance free. 3 years ( 7500 hours) Warranty period do not need any maintenance of the battery. 7, no memory effect can charge and discharge at any time. Although the current lithium iron phosphate products is in the midst of a burgeoning industry, as a new, strategic investment value of the industry, is worth us to focus on, the future market of electric forklift products also let us confidence in the new energy.
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