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Forklift lithium battery electrolyte density determination methods

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Forklift general is open type lead acid lithium batteries, lithium battery needs charging maintenance, the density of the electrolyte balance whether decided to forklift capacity of lithium battery and power than the discretion of the electrolyte density is along with the lithium battery charge and discharge level varies, the electrolyte density drop degree is one of the degree of lithium battery discharge performance. Measurement of each single cell electrolyte density, can understand the discharge of lithium-ion batteries. When the electrolyte density is less than 1. 23g/cm3( 15℃) When dealing with lithium battery recharged. Electrolyte density regulation is 15 ℃ as a benchmark for measuring, if the temperature is below 15 ℃ or higher than 15 ℃, should use thermometer to measure the actual temperature of electrolyte, calculating the electrolyte density for revised. In the case of a full battery forklift lithium, density of 1. 28 g/cm3, when there is no single case is low or the proportion of cases, the unit may need replacing.
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