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Forklift lead acid lithium battery of eia and delivery time

by:Vglory      2020-09-03
Recent time lead acid lithium battery forklift delivery time is a problem in the industry, the past, general delivery 7 - 10 days, now order accumulation, short-term forklift battery delivery half a month, long is 25 days, and then hit the environmental auditing, forklift truck, after all, is a large categories lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries is the important material of lead, lead when it comes to lithium batteries, often will say lead have environmental pollution problems. It is well known that the lithium battery electrode is mainly composed of lead and lead oxide, a lithium battery electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. In general, lead and acid damage to environment and human body are, in a low carbon, environmental protection is becoming more and more attention by people, the lithium battery industry is bound to face the torture of the public. Forklift lithium battery recovery value occupies the highest proportion, in lead-acid batteries and big enterprise production process of lead have been strictly controlled. We need to solve the lead smelting and lead in waste battery recycling, acid pollution; As long as the environmental protection department responsible to, the problem is not difficult to solve. From the plate to the assembly, basically has realized mechanization production, workers and equipment strictly, each location has a suction hood, in no pungent smell of the plant. If use lithium battery recycling sewage treatment system and lead smoke and lead dust purification recycling lithium battery such as environmental protection equipment, filled the gap of domestic battery industry.
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