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Forklift doesn't work, detection with lithium battery forklift?

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
Lithium battery forklift without storage, don't work, how to repair? With what method can measure the actual data of battery? Below small make up, in a nutshell, the need to prepare tools include: current clip-on table, hydrometer, voltmeter, first of all, in the case of a full charge, detect whether electrolyte proportion reaches 1. 28, or other, according to the number of battery voltage, one at a time to detect monomer, and registered, lithium battery forklift monomer voltage electricity is 2. 1 ~ 2. 2 v, the proportion of monomer voltage or deviation far away without a single battery, such as bad a lot, that change monomer have been short circuit, must be replaced. A set of full battery cases, 51. 5 - Total 52 v voltage. If the battery under normal circumstances, you need to check the forklift, suggest using clip-on table to check up the fork no-load current, load current, whether reach forklift technical requirements, if the output current is too large, the use of vehicles will be shorter time, suggest forklift circuit conditions, in the process of the lithium battery forklift lithium battery can produce gas, should keep charging place well ventilated, no open flame, at the same time charging process of oxygen, acidic gas will impact on the surrounding. Unplug the plug can produce arc during charging, the charging authority after closed, under Fang Keba plug. Charge around the lithium batteries for many hydrogen, are not allowed to have any open fires, should open the lithium battery recharged on the cover board.
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