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Forklift clumps of active material of lithium-ion battery pack

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
Lithium battery forklift is mainly composed of plate produce electrochemical reaction, in use process, active material is the standard electric energy measuring, falls off once a large number of active material, lithium battery will not storage, use time will be shorten, forklift lithium-ion batteries in charging process also will produce a large number of peculiar smell, if it is fall off a small amount of active material and the normal work of the battery is allowed within the scope of active material falls off too much, cause the loss of battery capacity on one hand, on the other hand, easy to cause the positive and negative plate in the bottom of the battery short circuit, make the battery life of early termination. Active substances serious loss of lithium battery when charging, cloudy, electrolyte of lithium battery capacity is reduced, the charging time is normal lithium batteries shortened, the electrolyte such as boiling phenomenon will be ahead of the end of charging. Self discharge lithium battery, charging time is longer, voltage of the electrolyte density and rising slowly.
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