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Forklift battery electrolyte abnormal high temperature

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
Forklift battery is charge and discharge process, a cycle with forklift belongs to discharge, when draining electricity is charging phenomenon in supplement, forklift batteries rely on electrolyte and plate produce chemical energy, normal charging the electrolyte temperature is high, sometimes more than 45 ℃, then should check whether the charging current is too big. Should be made the current less than 0. 1 c20 amp, or switch to 0. 05 c20 amps charging, if the temperature is not fall down, also need to stop for forklift battery, such as the temperature drop or external cooling fan or cooling water treatment and then to electricity, short circuit, also should consider inside the battery plate or plate sulfate, the former is focused on the short circuit current parts fever heat, which lead sulfate resistance is large, large consumption on the resistance of the voltage and fever, electrolyte temperature, which requires comprehensive judgment post-processing of battery failure.
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