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Dry, which influence on electric vehicle battery electrolyte?

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Add water battery electric vehicle battery is, although the price is low, but the maintenance is a hassle, adding distilled water is essential to the maintenance steps, many electric car drivers, in order to convenient save trouble, a supplementary, lead to electric vehicle charging, overflow of electrolyte, conductance, natural increase electric vehicle battery self-discharge, subsequent oxidation is also serious, electrolyte dry battery capacity is decrease and shorten the service life of more important factors. In order to avoid the loss of hundreds of electrolyte and shorten the service life of batteries, float charging pressure should strictly comply with the manufacturers recommended voltage value, need to be balanced rechargeable batteries, appropriate appropriate adopts low-voltage current-limiting charging method, maximum charging current should be no greater than 2 i10, charging voltage shall be limited to 2. Below 35 v/only. Always watch battery shell with and without leakage, distortion, connection parts loose, corrosion, etc. , found that the anomaly should be handled in time, want to let the battery electric vehicle prolong service life, must keep protection of storage battery, now use the battery and the traditional battery is different, the traditional start maintenance-free battery without charging, but traction electric motor car storage battery is opening the battery, must ensure that the electrolyte is lower than the plate line, or burned.
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