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Dragon forklift battery FB20/48 v600ah matching scheme

by:Vglory      2020-09-06
Dragon forklift battery is a category lead-acid batteries, using tubular plate form a complete set of production, brand: FB20, 48 v600ah original battery, the battery model is a more common, 2 ton forklift, is tubular positive plate, on the set of tube after filling powder or paste made of. Domestic production of tubular battery manufacturer about 40, price difference is bigger, the better cost performance is zibo torch, and rapid start-up, etc. , form a complete set of a set of dragon forklift batteries need to provide the iron box size, voltage, capacity, physical three photos, our company is shenzhen professional forklift battery supplier, dragon job forklift whole series of drawings, we all have a battery manufacturing experience for many years, can quickly response to customer inquiry, make a feasible plan in time. abstract
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