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Do you own a laptop and need portable power so

by:Vglory      2020-06-15
Whenever you are out camping and you take lots of pictures you usually want to upload them directly to your computer once you're back at your camp site however if the computer dies while uploading images, it can be problematic as well as fatal depending on what kind of laptop you own. Many adventurers have already lost images and once in a life time pictures because their laptops died on them while they were uploading their data to their computer which has resulted in them seeking a solution to their problem. The dawn of solar power has come on the scene for anyone who wants to stay off the grid and stay powered up. With the invention of solar power, niche solar chargers have sprang up and solar laptop chargers are one of those niche chargers that are pleasing to all kinds of outdoor adventures, from your weekend camper to your long term cabin camper to your mountain high climbers. Not only have solar laptop chargers made their way into campsites and the wilderness, but consumers from the business world to the third world countries are interested in them. One of the solar laptop chargers that customers are purchasing are the ones that come with everything you need and all you're required to do is charge it with the sun or the wall. The Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit is one of those units that are lightweight and an all in one system. With 120 watts of power and an inverter and foldable solar panel, this unit is pleasing customers left and right. Plus the inverter works for international customers because the power outlet is designed to fit international prong power cords. When your camping or even hiking, portability is one of those number 1 factors and the Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit makes the list as the best. It can easily fit in your backpack or rucksack and comes with support rods so you can stand up the solar panel in the direction of the sun. Now your probably wondering how long can I use this solar charger with my laptop? If you had a fully charged laptop and the sherpa 120 battery pack fully charged, you would be able to run the laptop for about 2-5 hours depending on what kind of programs you were running. If you were watching a movie, then you would be ale to run it for about 2.5-3 hours but you might be cutting it close. The things you do on your computer plays a factor on how much power you pull from your laptop's battery, the more you require, the more power is pulled from the battery to supply you with power to run your various programs. With portable solar power you won't have to be concerned about losing your data while you're uploading images to your computer because your laptop is being charged and powered by a powerful battery pack and solar panel. No more will you need to use your camera sparingly once you realize you can upload until the cows come home. Now your children can even use solar energy to watch movies while in the tent to keep them entertained until they fall asleep. Solar power has truly made it possible for outdoor adventurers to have their cake and eat it too! If you haven't purchased the Sherpa 120 Explorer Kit or even any solar laptop charger, then your missing out!
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