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Do you know the electric forklift battery ten taboos?

by:Vglory      2020-12-05
Source: 2020 - 04 - 01 hits: therefore time you know electric forklift battery ten taboos? Special traction batteries, electric forklift truck is also called the forklift battery, as a forklift truck driver, must follow the correct procedures, safe use, remember the following ten basic considerations: 1. Will store the batteries of electric forklift with hydrogen explosion, could cause an explosion, prevent the smoke near the battery, and to prevent any flame or spark. Charging battery storage or must be in a well-ventilated advantages, but not when inhaled, so as to avoid corrosion of acid mist. 2. Electric forklift battery liquid containing corrosive liquid, may cause serious burns. Please avoid touching the skin, eyes or clothing. 3. When electric forklift battery inspection or maintenance, please wear rubber gloves, in order to avoid electric shock. 4. Electric forklift battery must be cleaned or joint appearance. Dust and impurities, etc must be clean with wet cloth, otherwise it will leakage, even make a fire. 5, when clean battery, must use a damp cloth, rather than a dry cloth. 6. Don't use tools to connect the positive and negative of the battery. 7. When charging, the electrolyte temperature cannot exceed 50 ℃, in order to avoid damage to electrolyte overflow. Pay special attention to it in the summer. 8. Forklift key switch and pull out the battery before, the charger switches must be closed, lest produce sparks. 9. Electrolyte levels should not be less than the minimum, otherwise the battery easy to heat, short combustion. 10. Children do not close.
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