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Decided to lithium battery forklift cycles?

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
Forklift truck number of lithium battery cycle life basic in 800 ~ 1500 times or so, regardless of the brand, to be decided according to use environment, 1 - a group of battery life 5 years, then in 1 - How do you determine the five years between the time? Why many enterprise forklift battery can be up to five years, some even less than 1 year, the data is worth reflecting in user, after all, a set of traction type forklift battery price is not cheap, small make up picking a few arguments about: 1, the interval short vehicle transport, frequent starting, forklift truck parking vehicles, lithium battery in the process of running a relatively large power consumption, and vehicle charging system for lithium battery charging current relative to other use of the vehicle. Large current charging for a long time can make the battery in the inland waters synthesis reaction, cell analysis gas water loss more, too much gas analysis will make active substances and sheeting the separation between the landing force, the formation of active material is shattered and forklift battery electrolyte cloudy, at the same time, too much analysis of the gas can make the battery internal gas pressure increase, such as poor exhaust condition, battery internal moisture and acid gas in high gas pressure under wrapped with a splash of lithium batteries; While due to other causes pressure is not released in time, there may be a burst of risk; Owing body short forklift, forklift truck turning radius and the corresponding small, about the device of the lithium battery, the electrolyte as a result of the action of centrifugal force will happen in the lithium battery internal heat, local electrolyte in the condition of charging operation may wash to vent plug, if vent plug design or not reasonable selection, may render the electrolyte spillover phenomenon; Poor because of the forklift truck vibration and the request of lithium-ion batteries exhaust device request strong strung on lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, because of the large vibration, possible formation damage to the battery: the lithium battery within wall welding parts or fracture bus-bar present internal spark across the electrodes, short circuit and may form lithium battery internal battery burst pressure attack; At the same time, also can form active material mechanical is shattered and electrolyte opacity. 2, due to the electric forklift driving safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient, in the process of enterprise production and distribution, the effect of electric forklift are increasingly prominent. The demand for electric lift trucks in the rapid growth in all walks of life. Battery forklift a large part of the cost from the battery, the battery, use and maintenance, use fixed number of year is different also, relative operating costs is a big gap, forklift lithium battery life using short what reason be? One, itself quality problems such as reducing the amount of lead that the battery pack within each monomer battery balance is poor; Poor balance will lead to sharp attenuation in the whole battery life. Second, the charger does not match the cause to over charge and discharge, this is the main reason of lithium battery plate. And the battery plate aromatization is the root cause of the shorter battery life. Three, use of improper maintenance such as 'super' discharge stage mainly is the discharge current value, namely more than permitted discharge for a long time, is called a 'super', which is one of the leading cause of battery plate, is very harmful to the battery life-span. The root cause of the battery capacity decreases: lithium battery plate is the root cause of the shorter battery life. Lithium battery plate, namely: the lithium battery used to store and transformation of energy within the less active substances, resulting in less battery capacity. Produce a plate the reasons are the following: 1. Battery charging less than in the early or the initial charge interrupt for a long time; 2. Battery charging for a long time, Owe charging) ; 3. After discharge failed to charge; 4. Often over charge or small current deep discharge; 5. Electrolyte density is too high or temperature is too high, lead to deep formation is not easy to recover; 6. Battery shelved for a long time, do not use for a long time without charging regularly; 7. Internal short circuit topical or battery surface water leakage caused by more; 8. Inside the battery electrolyte level is low, make plate exposed part. Lithium battery forklift safety operation and matters needing attention? 1, lithium batteries, and explosive gas is produced. It is forbidden to any fire in case of explosion. 2, related lithium battery operating instructions must be placed at any time to see. 3, when current flows through the line, is absolutely not allowed to unplug the plug lithium-ion batteries. This will produce great spark and burn out lithium battery plug contact. 4, operating personnel were trained, or under the guidance of professionals. 5, connection lithium battery socket and the plug of the truck, paying special attention to the polarity of the + and -. Must will + to +, - to -, absolutely can't make a mistake. Forklift battery product features 1, using polyester line tube, good elasticity, small size, low resistance, high permeability; 2, fully insulated flexible connections, without leakage current; 3, at the top of the bounce off the plug valve structure, with special electrolyte level indicator; 4, equipped with automatic filling water filler cap; More than 5, the microporous import high quality inclined diaphragm, high porosity, low resistance; 6, PP battery shell and cover materials, impact resistance; 7, proprietary terminal seal completely prevent plate growth and leakage.
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