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by:Vglory      2020-07-02
For lithium batteries, 'activation', a large number of claims: the time to charge more than 12 hours, repeated three times, in order to activate the battery. This 'three times before charging more than 12 hours to charge,' it is obvious from the nickel battery (such as nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride) inherited from the argument. Therefore, this argument can be said that the beginning of miscommunication. Lithium and nickel battery charge and discharge characteristics are very different, very clear and can tell you that I have had access to all the serious official stressed that all technical information and charge-off will discharge lithium batteries, especially lithium liquid Ion battery causing great harm. According to the standard charge and therefore the best time and method of charging standards, in particular for not more than 12 hours of super-long charge. Typically, the statement introduced mobile phone charging method is suitable for the mobile phone standard method of charging. In addition, the lithium battery cell phone or battery charger will automatically stop after the charge, there is no electricity nickel charger for 10 hours the so-called 'trickle' charge. That is, if your lithium batteries in full, on the white charger is also sufficient. And we can not guarantee that the battery charge and discharge protection circuit features and never change the quality of safety, so your battery will be at risk of long-verge. This is also another charge against the chief reason. How to Conserve Power on a Single Battery Charge? There are many features that your camcorder performs which consume more batteries power. The absolute worst is using a camcorder light that is powered from your camcorder's battery. We recommend using a camcorder light that is powered from its own power supply or battery. Another is by never rewinding or fast forwarding your tapes on your camcorder battery. Before you leave your house, cue up your tapes to the desired location with your camcorder plugged to the camcorder battery charger.
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