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Battery types the meaning of Numbers and letters

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
According to the ministerial standard of the original mechanical industry JB2599 - The provisions of the 85 battery product specifications are divided into three sections have Numbers and letters, then the battery life of Numbers and letters on the mean? I said series on the number of single cell battery. Such as 3, 6, respectively, three single ( 6 v) And six single ( 12 v) 。 Ⅱ segment said, the types and characteristics of the battery is made up of two Chinese phonetic alphabet. For the first letter: Q - Starting with battery; M - Motorcycle battery; The second letter to feature code: A minus Dry charged; H - Wet charged; W - Free maintenance; S - Less maintenance; F - Acid proof type; M - Closed; B - Half closed; Y- Liquid dense type; Q - Airtight; 我- - - - - - The activation type; D - The liquid type; J - Colloid type; No letter for dry type. Ⅲ paragraph said the battery rated capacity, rated capacity - A Our country sets with 20 h discharge rate has a capacity of said. The unit is Ah. B, features a Q - performance S - high starting rate Plastic shell D - Good cold starting performance of battery specifications Numbers and letters interpretation examples: liberation CA1091, car battery 6 - QA - 10: is 6 single cell battery, 12 v rated voltage, rated capacity of 100 a, start type dry lotus battery; Dongfeng EQ1090 car battery 6 - Q - 105: which is 6 single cell battery, 12 v rated voltage, rated capacity of 105 a, start type storage battery; 6 - QAW - 100: which is 6 single cell battery, rated voltage of 12 v, rated capacity of 100 ah, start type dry charged battery without maintenance.
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