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Battery naming method

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
Battery naming method for different manufacturers have different, but generally will generally use the following naming methods, so what is the battery naming method? The following is simple to learn together. 1, basic naming sequence: serial number of single cells ( V voltage) , types and characteristics of battery, rated capacity ( AH Ann) For example: 3 FM3. fm3 0, 3。 0 a3 number on behalf of the monomer is 3, each monomer voltage is 2 v, the voltage is 6 v. FM said valve control type sealed lead acid battery; 3. 0 indicates the rated capacity of 3 ah; A for battery different structure characteristic code. The product series of FM - Small dense battery series GFM - — Micronesia battery series GM - — High density battery series DZM - — Electric vehicle battery series of MA - Dry lotus motorcycle battery YT dry lotus maintenance-free battery series BTX seal motorcycle battery series, series YT, BTX reference standard naming in Japan, omit number of monomer, said the whole series of 12 v, feature code in rated capacity before or after. 2, 3 for the meaning of the Chinese phonetic alphabet battery, lead acid battery products with plate model named method: F1. 8H+— — Small dense battery series with positive plate and the rated capacity of monolithic plate of 1. Ah, the performance characteristics for high power type. Product is to F - Small dense battery series G, high density electric vehicle battery series battery series D M - — Dry lotus motorcycle battery YT - Dry lotus sealed and maintenance-free battery series T motorcycle battery series above is part of the label on lead-acid battery products, the meaning of the letters and Numbers, is named after the battery, the hope can help you.
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