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Battery forklift truck market demand

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Battery forklift is a major support section, new energy development in the lithium battery as the traction of the forklift, environmental protection, energy conservation, basic supportive with lithium battery, battery forklift manufacturing enterprises are outside the match, choose high match or standard capacity battery, at the time of purchase forklift can request, it is because the outer parts demand is big, has produced a string of supporting industries. Market demand is very big, in the aspect of production, product after-sale services are used, battery forklift brand very much at home and abroad, the accessory parts must keep up with the service. Why do you say the battery forklift so popular? Under the simple from the parts of it, we know its advantage, the following points can let us to battery forklift have a deeper understanding. First, electric forklift has obvious energy conservation and environmental protection advantages of electric lift trucks in the low noise, no exhaust emissions, the use and maintenance cost is relatively lower compared with internal combustion forklifts, in addition, electric forklift truck operation control is simple, flexible, the operator's work strength to light many relative to internal combustion forklifts, electric steering system, speed control system, hydraulic control system and brake system are controlled by electrical signals, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operators, thus improve the working efficiency and the accuracy of work. Second, electric forklift maintenance needed less time due to the electric forklift maintenance interval relative internal-combustion forklift truck is much longer, at the same time each time to maintain the time required to have a lot less than internal-combustion forklift, which greatly saves maintenance needed Labour costs, but more of this material is greatly reduces the downtime of the forklift truck, so that to improve the efficiency of the forklift truck brought about by the economic benefit is difficult to calculate. Third, the use of electric forklift battery life long service life of the battery of electric forklift for 1500 times charging and discharging circulation, converted into a forklift work hours is 10000 hours, it is equivalent to a same internal-combustion forklift engine overhaul time, electric forklift battery replacement costs when compared with the cost of engine overhaul is close, but the pace of change the battery to be a lot faster than the speed of the engine overhaul, and reflects the advantage of time efficiency. Fourth, electric forklift became more and more perfect to practical electric forklift truck itself is not the harmful gas of atmospheric pollution emissions, even by the equivalent power consumption of power plant emissions, in addition to sulfur and particulate matter, other pollutants is significantly reduced, and the power plant is fixed, the concentration of emissions, more easily, remove all kinds of poisonous exhaust emission power can be obtained from a variety of primary energy, such as coal, nuclear, hydraulic, remove people fear of petroleum resources became more and more depleted, electric forklift truck can also make full use of the night when trough the surplus electricity power charging, make the power equipment can make full use of day and night, greatly improve the economic benefit. In addition, some studies have shown that the same crude oil after crude refining, sent to the power generation, after filling the battery, and then driven by battery forklift, the energy utilization efficiency than after refining into gasoline, then through high gasoline engine drive forklift, so beneficial to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, makes the research and application of electric forklift forklift industry one of the hot spots. To sum up: electric forklift market demand growth will be more and more fast, electric forklift truck market share will be more and more big, if you demand for computer forklift, constitution of choose and buy electric forklift please contact hejian turning around electric forklift co. , LTD. , our company specializing in the production of electric forklift, electric stacker, electric truck series, the series of manual forklift, lift platform, forklift accessories, battery forklift truck and other small agricultural machinery. At present domestic battery forklift, internal combustion forklift, use different occasions, different requirements, in view of the present environmental situation, recommend the use of battery forklift truck. News from shenzhen:
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