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Battery forklift in accordance with the working principle of the secondary lithium batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
As everybody knows, the so-called battery forklift, generally based on forklift battery as a driving force, namely everyday lithium battery, the battery set is a core forklift parts, without the battery, forklift as scrap metal, no value, as a new energy environmental protection electric fork, generally in electric forklift operation after 500 hours, to conduct a routine maintenance to its, the efficiency of electric forklift, life and safety depends on daily maintenance. Only in accordance with the secondary lithium battery, battery forklift to show its value, the shenzhen company has 20 years of professional experience in forklift battery, know the performance of each brand, can rapidly response the usage of battery pack on the forklift, battery, battery forklift traction on the most used are 'power type lithium ion batteries. Power type lithium ion batteries is also known as 'traction type lithium batteries', its working principle and basic same start metal lithium batteries; Structurally, however, power type lithium ion batteries positive plate is generally used in tubular plate, negative plate USES is paste type plate. Tubular positive plate is composed of a row of vertical aluminum antimony alloy core, coat with glass fiber forming tube; The tube core is in the lead antimony alloy on the fence, and made up of filling of the active material. Due to the appearance of glass fiber protection, making the tube of the active material is not easy to fall off, so the tube plate is relatively longer service life. The monomer of power type lithium ion batteries by bolt fastening connection or welding type combined into no capacity of the battery pack. Battery forklift and battery tractor are the type of battery to provide power supply, and the combination of the forklift battery structure just the battery itself, how to correctly use is the key, the follow-up maintenance, forklift battery life decision points, all electric forklift is usually eight hours, if you will use the forklift truck had been carrying the goods in 5 - - 6 hours or so. Imports as well. If it is not often, basic can be in 10 - 12 hours. Want to pay more attention to maintain at ordinary times, avoid loss, avoid over charge and discharge and overload. General battery life in 2 years, if the maintenance of good, can use the battery life is greatly extended, opening the lithium battery forklift must always remember to add water, or configure automatic filling water system, otherwise it is easy to burn out. News came from:
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