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Battery capacity calculation method

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
Battery capacity must is set by the voltage, set by the time available to load capacity. Show the capacity calculation method is as follows: 1, A necessary condition for A computing capacity, discharge current, it is necessary to clear discharge load current increase or decrease in the process of change and its changes over time. B, discharge time can be the maximum time expected load. C, low battery temperature presumption of battery placed place temperature conditions in advance, decided to low battery temperature. Generally installed in the interior of 50 c, set in the special cold area indoor to - 50C。 Use air conditioning to ensure indoor temperature according to the actual temperature as the lowest temperature. D, the minimum voltage of the single to allow the minimum voltage ( V/single) = ( Allowed by the minimum load voltage + voltage loss) of the wire / serial number 2, capacity calculation formula of C = 1 * [ K1I1+K2( I2- I1) ,,,,,,,KN ( 在- - - - - - 在- - - - - - 1) ] / LC: 250 c rated discharge rate conversion capacity ( AH) ,,,,,,,, UXL battery is 10 hr capacity. L: that's right for maintenance coefficient, using a number of years, the change of conditions of use and cause the capacity of the change and use the revised. Generally the L value using 0. 8. K: the discharge time T, the minimum voltage allowed minimum battery temperature, and decide the capacity of the conversion time. I: discharge current subscript 1, 2,,,,, N: according to the discharge current change sequence to T, K, I3, capacity calculation for example A and discharge current of 140 A ( A) B, 30 C discharge time and the lowest temperature - battery The minimum voltage allowed 550 c, D, 1. 6 v/single according to the above conditions, it is concluded that K = 1. 1 c = 1 x1。 1X140=192( AH/10HR) / 0. Therefore, can use UXL220 - 2. Note: the above example is in view of the discharge current certain simple load type battery capacity calculation. Battery in the prescribed conditions ( Including the intensity of discharge termination voltage, discharge current and discharge) Sent out how much electricity or discharge duration called battery capacity, unit or a. a. h min. Car battery is a reversible dc power supply, which can convert chemical energy to electricity, also can convert electrical energy into chemical energy, it with the generator in parallel. During the period of starting the engine, it supplies starting system and ignition system. When the engine shut down or low idle speed running, by it to automobile power supply electrical equipment. When there is a demand for more than the output of the charging system, the limited period, provided by its current. Battery also absorb the transient overvoltage in circuit to keep the vehicle electrical system voltage stability, protection of electronic components. Battery don't have to for a long time, it will slowly discharge by oneself, to scrap. At regular intervals, therefore, should start a car, for battery charging. Another way is pulled down the two electrodes on the battery, unplug from the electrode column that should pay attention to both positive and negative electrode thread, to remove the negative line first, or remove negative and chassis connections. And then pull with the positive logo ( +) The other side of the battery service life to a certain extent, to a certain period has to be replaced. When replacement should follow the same order, but in the up electrode wire, order, by contrast, take the positive first, and then connect the cathode. When current meter pointer display storage capacity is insufficient, to charge in a timely manner. Battery storage capacity can be reflected in the dashboard. Sometimes found that power is not enough in the way, the engine stalled again won't start, as a temporary measure, can seek help from other vehicles, vehicle battery with them to launch vehicle, connected the two battery anode and the cathode, the anode and the anode is connected. The density of the electrolyte should according to different regions, different season, according to the standards for the corresponding adjustment. When loss of electrolyte adding distilled water or dedicated rehydration and add nano carbon sol cell activator. Drink pure water instead of avoid by all means. Because water is contained in a variety of trace elements, the battery can cause bad influence. When starting car, uninterrupted use the chance to lead to battery damage due to excessive discharge. Every time the use of the correct way is to launch a car in the total length of not more than 5 seconds, restart time interval is not less than 15 seconds. In the case of start many times still no car from circuit, ignition coil, or oil, and other aspects to find reasons.
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