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2 tons ~ 2. 5 ton forklift lithium battery matching set of solutions

by:Vglory      2020-09-05
2 tons forklift and 2. 5 tons iron box, is also a necessary 48 v600ah, 24 - D - 600, welded together by 24 v monomer 2 forklift batteries, HELI forklift model for CPD20, forklift battery charging area for key parts is a safe, want to have special management measures, should also is the key of the examination, forklift batteries are generally kept in the warehouse, and generally tinder much more special, in warehouse forklift battery in the process of charging the sulfuric acid decomposition of will release hydrogen inside the battery, if can't come in time, meet fire, fire will occur together 2 ton forklift are common, HELI forklift leading product is 'resultant force, HELI' brand series forklift, on-line production of more than 1700 kinds of models, all 512 products with independent intellectual property rights, the comprehensive performance of products in the leading domestic, international into the first level. From 1991 to 2013, the enterprise main economic and technical indicators for 23 years in the domestic industry first. In 2006, forklift group to enter the world top 10 industrial vehicle industry, a ranks eighth in 2011. Company in the domestic with independent marketing network, set up 23 provincial marketing network and more than 400 secondary agent sales and service outlets, service system is the most perfect domestic forklift industry, the most sound. Overseas in 80 countries and regions set up overseas agent network, products are exported to the world 140 countries and regions, including Europe and America region accounted for 60% of company exports, when in the use of force 2 ton forklift battery we need to note: the lithium battery forklift will generate hydrogen, which may cause explosions, near the fork is forbidden to smoke, prohibit any flame or spark is generated. When stored or charge must be in well ventilated place, but don't smoke in FengKouChu, avoid corrosion caused by acid mist. Batteries contain corrosive liquid, which may cause severe burns, should avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. If unfortunate accident, please rinse immediately with plenty of water, and go to a doctor, when checking or maintenance of lithium battery forklift, please use the rubber gloves and avoid being shocked, lithium battery forklift or joint surface must be clean. Dust and impurities etc. Be sure to clean with wet cloth, otherwise it will leakage, even caused the fire, shenzhen is leading in the industry, have many years of experience in supporting, is the guangdong area biggest wholesalers, lithium-ion batteries and battery forklift industry listed companies. abstract
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