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Troubleshooting method of electric motor car storage battery

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Electric motor car storage battery is expensive, is a major maintenance costs electric cars, once the anchor affects the nissan plant production, battery electric car work time is decided, the key to the maintenance, the maintenance cost, general electric is less, but the battery bought a general quality products, can cause subsequent trival things a lot, in use process, battery run often appeared in the process of high or low voltage, internal resistance is big, the drainage discharge, shell deformation, etc. Has scrapped battery according to the analysis and actual measurement, can know battery capacity can not meet the nominal capacity at work, this is the most common phenomenon, leading to shorten the life of a battery, scrap in advance. Actual service life of the electric vehicle battery by both internal and external factors, the influence of external factors mainly including overcharge, over discharge, environmental impact, charging machine run don't match, etc. ; Internal factors are mainly with the reduce of moisture in the electrolyte, when the moisture in battery was reduced to a certain extent, it will cause the battery failure, under normal circumstances, the battery electrolyte saturation should be in more than 95% of the normal work of the state. Data show that if the saturation by 95% to 85% can make battery capacity is reduced by 20%. So was the direct cause of battery capacity to reduce internal factors, indirectly affect their life and in the battery electrolyte moisture also often appear in the process of gradually reduce the float charging pressure on the high side, internal resistance is big, the drainage discharge, casing deformation and a series of phenomenon; There is a discharge, the discharge depth, the greater the shorter battery life, the harm of excessive discharge of battery main show is: positive plate loose active material softening, utilization rate of decline; Discharge of lead sulfate in the plug-in can't recover, led to the decrease of the battery capacity, in addition to the above analysis, we also need to know, whether the contact terminal of the electric motor car storage battery is loose, the motor output power increases, these all need one by one.
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