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Three major development trends forklift battery?

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Forklift batteries rely mainly on electric energy as a battery forklift traction, it is the vehicle must have parts, is a core value in forklift truck, so in the industrial age, forklift batteries have those trends? Shenzhen company as the leading lead acid batteries, has many years of experience in research and development, summed up the following three points: 1, the rise of new energy, becomes a popular consciousness, for the environment, the pollution of heavy industry, forklift batteries belong to power emerging enterprise, is the inevitable development direction, replace the internal-combustion forklift truck is also a question of time, the macro policy level of new energy development strategy under the battery industry policy orientation has been very clear. Recent reports that, in order to promote the development of new energy automobile industry in our country, miit will organize to formulate power battery development ideas, and is expected to be from the industrial policy, financial subsidies, tax incentives and other aspects strongly support, equipment on the electric forklift forklift battery, with zero emissions, and the advantages of low cost, long service life. Content of 2, in the early days, forklift has to sink you subconscious or identity internal-combustion forklift fork strength big, low maintenance cost, but not all places are suitable for, as the forklift power energy, forklift battery can work in low temperature, or high temperature environment, lithium battery in the pure electric vehicles, forklifts, Marine drive system is the only source of power, there are mainly nickel cadmium, lead, nickel metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries, etc. At present, lithium ion battery at the high speed development stage, such as nissan Leaf, the Toyota prius plug-in In, tesla Model S, general Volt, ford Focus on the EV and new energy cars such as BMW i3 using lithium ion batteries. But in addition to the lead-acid battery, other prices are more expensive, the popularity of cannot effectively. 3, lead-acid battery is a kind of electrode is mainly composed of lead oxide and electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution of lithium batteries, lithium battery is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, the use of water battery electrolyte solution. Due to the lithium battery on environmental protection than lead-acid battery and smaller volume, so the new energy vehicles carrying of lithium-ion batteries is more, for forklift, daily more strict with lithium battery, the cross current, cargo weight and road conditions affect the battery life, li-ion battery is great, but the charge and discharge current all have very strict control, lead acid lithium battery forklift, on the other hand, the control space is relaxed, so late in the developing world, forklift lead batteries should be widely promoted and developed. The article comes from
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