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The 'fighter' in the torch forklift lithium-ion batteries, the strong

by:Vglory      2020-09-08
Inside the tube type lithium battery forklift industry, about 'torch', no one could jun, the torch brand lithium batteries gradually to traction battery leading enterprises, at home, main products: hangzhou, heli forklift, forklift trucks LiFu, liugong, dragon, goodsenseforklift, in force, yituo famous forklift truck enterprises, such as the power resources are supporting from the torch battery, is among the strong, the strong in forklift battery performance, the torch is 1200 cycles, compared to domestic part of the cycle is only 800 times, a third of life, higher than that of the high cost performance, in recent years, in the face of complex domestic and international situation, Zi can companies in the group of companies under the correct leadership and strong support, efforts to adhere to the 'one main two wings' development strategy as the instruction, driven by innovation, on the basis of BaoJun, powerful development of civilian goods, forced the adjustment structure, keep the good momentum of rapid development, expanding business scale, to enhance enterprise's comprehensive strength and influence, the small lithium battery products, in the machinery industry in shandong province of compny, towards the top, rushes out a new land. Torch lithium battery was founded in 1944, belongs to the Chinese heavy industry, the whole series of products in line with the national standard, German standard, British standard, as the level of dragon enterprise, torch lithium battery capacity, development strategy, brand effect, are other cannot compare.
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