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The feasibility of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery repair?

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is loaded on the forklift traction, expensive, most of the time due to the improper use of a variety of monomers forklift battery there is gap between capacity, cannot play its proper performance, you need to repair the backward monomer battery, generally more than 2 - Above 3 years of battery or single more than 5 we suggest not to repair, lithium battery repair the biggest problem, is the battery internal lead branch micro short circuit activation activation of repair, are mostly caused by large current discharge internal lead branch micro short circuit and make the capacity decline. Simply lead sulfate of the lithium battery can't completely transformed into sulfuric acid in the process of charging and lead, accumulate over a long period, the lithium battery can't participate in the increase of the chemical reaction of lead sulfate, sulfuric acid reducing lead to lithium battery capacity. To sulfide in fact not so mysterious, using pulse technology can well solve the problem, lithium battery sulfide is repairable, and the existence of the conductive factor is irreparable. Most lithium batteries because of the existence of the conductive factor and damage, now most of the lithium battery forklift manufacturer commitment to quality assurance for a year, but problems came out after half a year, according to the design of the battery and discharge cycle test show that the cycle of the battery life is one and a half years or three years, when the production is in strict accordance with the process of quality control, but after six months a lot of batteries will be aging. Forklift lead acid lithium battery charge and discharge process is the process of electrochemical reaction, charging, lead sulfate to form lead oxide, discharging lead oxide and reduction of lead sulfate. When the battery in the electrolytic solution of high concentration of lead sulfate or static idle time is too long, will be 'into' ball, forming a small crystal, these little crystal draw around the lead sulfate, form large inertia crystallization like snowball, cause the loss of the electrode plates work area, this phenomenon is called vulcanization, the battery capacity will gradually decline, until can't use. Depth of discharge, the large current discharge, battery will accelerate vulcanization. Short-term charging, the battery will open valve exhaust due to excessive oxygen, cause water loss, increase the concentration of electrolyte, vulcanization phenomenon aggravate of the battery. Not charging in time after discharge, formed a large number of lead sulfate if more than half an hour without a charge reduction of lead oxide, sulfide formed crystals. From battery charge on the production line, to the user with car after car use this period of time to go through a lot of link, the time interval for months, even during this time, because not to supply electricity, battery self-discharge accumulated amount of lead sulfate crystallization, the user just buy a new battery aging may have even a subscription fee.
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