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The commonly used specifications table komatsu forklift lithium batteries

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Komatsu forklift battery brand komatsu 1. 48 v450ah 5 ton forklift battery, GS forklift battery VCD9AC Japan komatsu forklift battery according to vehicle model of form a complete set of specifications, mainly using Japanese technology formula production, import forklift lithium battery monomer, 1500 - 1800 charges, is composed of two different materials of electrode - — The positive and negative, the partition that separate the two electrodes, battery by composed of active material, grids, the positive active material of lead dioxide ( PbO2) , the cathode active material is spongy lead ( Pb) , is a major part of the battery in the decision performance, komatsu the partition function of lithium-ion batteries is to prevent the positive and negative direct contact and short circuit, is a poor conductor of the electronic and ionic conductors, porosity, good resistance to acid and oxidizing and hydrophilicity, low resistance, less harmful impurities such as requirements, materials are mainly microporous rubber, PE, PVC, PP, pet, etc. Komatsu forklift battery main supporting brand choice of GS, KOBE, Japan Hitachi Hitachi, homebred fast and can have good brand, MACI, day. KOMATSU forklift batteries - Japan komatsu forklift battery brand forklift lithium-ion batteries used in the subsequent need to often adding distilled water, deionized water, its electrolyte is to guarantee the ionic conduction effect between positive and negative, the density of 1. 200 g/cm3~1. 350 g/cm3 dilute sulfuric acid solution, build their container forklift battery slot effect, good acid resistance, heat resistance and insulation, and has good mechanical strength. In the late charge, when the charging voltage reaches the water breakdown voltage, the anode will produce oxygen ( O2) , the cathode will generate hydrogen ( H2) , battery in use after a period of time, due to the lead plate with dilute sulphuric acid in chemical reactions, charging and discharging is carried out in chemical reaction, reaction process, the solution evaporation, there will be some gas quantity of solution to decrease gradually, solution concentration is on the rise, the concentration of the changed to adapt to the normal work of the battery condition, then the moderate a soupcon of distilled water can alleviate the harm of battery liquid concentration is too high, the battery solution back to normal work within, indispensable or not regular check, this is the key decisive komatsu battery group. Komatsu forklift battery price, komatsu forklift battery manufacturer komatsu electric forklift battery daily use and maintenance method: 1, forklift battery before use should be cleared surface dust and dirt, and pv only checks for any damage, after checked, according to the need of the monomer battery pack. 2, in accordance with the requirements of the use of maintenance manual preparation electrolyte. 3, take bets on cover, will make good battery electrolyte injection to the provisions of the liquid surface height. At the beginning of 4, carried out in accordance with the regulations on the use of maintenance manual charge. 5, after the initial charge and under normal circumstances the use of battery, rechargeable should according to make use of 'charge' normal maintenance manual methods are, charge for the discharge of 1. 2 times or so, but the new battery before charging quantity should be 5 times the last charge of 1. About five times. 6, charging the electrolyte temperature shall not exceed 55 ℃. 7, used as a result of the water in the electrolyte decomposition and evaporation, leading to higher density and liquid level is reduced, should add water adjustment; If the density is lower than the specified value caused by the abnormal situation, should add the density of 1. 400 g/cm3 adjustment of sulfuric acid solution. Density adjustment should be performed in the late charge. 8, the surface of the battery, cables and bolt, should be always kept clean and dry. 9, battery connections, must be kept in good contact. 10, battery should avoid overcharge, over discharge, strong charging and charging. 11, forklift batteries are not allowed to fall into any harmful impurities. 12, don't put any conductive items on battery cover. 13, after the battery discharge, should be timely charge, the longest time interval must not exceed 24 hours. 14, if appear behind batteries battery, should be timely find out the reason, immediately repair or replacement. 15, into battery water or acid solution, the temperature should be in the range of 10 ℃ to 35 ℃. Tray komatsu forklift battery, stacking forklift battery VCF4N 48 v280ah komatsu forklift battery lithium batteries commonly used specifications supporting table: komatsu battery forklift three high body color model 24 v / 5 pzs400790408450 black FB07 - 348 v/VCF4N918420635 black FB1CM - 248 v/VCF3A953266572 black FB10RL - 1148 v/VSF4N955373580 black FBR18S48V/VCF4N956375564 FB14R - 16 r - 1048 v/VSF4N956375574 black FB15 - 18 r / 11 - 1248 v/VCF4N956375575 black FB18RLF - 1148 v/VCF4JV957374565 FB15RL - huang 124 v/VCF4N960237560 black FB10R48V/VCF4N963318563 MRTL07B - V/VGF370963545635 black 3 ba - 1048 07 - 31 s2148v/VSF4N965371561 FB15RS - huang 1048 v/VCF4N965375570 black FB15R FB18R - 48 v/VCD8AC980660465 B48V/VCF3975340590 black black komatsu 48 v/VSD7CN980665455 black FB10EX - Shanghai 1148 v/VGD545980665465 black FB20EX - 548 v/VCD8AC980665470 black FB1548V/VCD8AC980665535 FB15 - 1148 v/VGD565980845465 black FB20 ( 25) 除 848 v/VGD600980845465 black FB20 ( 25) 除 848 v / 7 pzs560980845465 black FB20 ( 25) 除 848 v/VGD565980845465 black FB20 ( 25) 除 1148 v / 4 cd450996823450 ABX - blue P1/1。 7572 v / 6 pzs4801017985580 black FB30 - EX848V/VCH8A1025649795 black BBX - 48 v/P CT car VSF8N1025649795 black FB20GT - 548 v/VGD5651030845465 black FB20EX - 548 v/VCD4501030845465 black FB20EX - 572 v / 5 pzs5751040980591 black FB30 - EX872V / 4 cdh5201045990591 black FB30 - EXB72V/VCD9AC1080990495 black FB30EX - 572 v/VCD4501080990495 black FB30EX - 548 v/VSF3401132390591 black FB25RL - 348 v/VSD9AC980845465 black FB20 ( 25) 除 Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! 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