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The advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
As the main material of lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries, everyone has to have a basic understanding of, so the advantage of the material and exactly what is that? Hope that through the following content in detail, you can for its advantages in after have a deep understanding. Lithium iron phosphate batteries, the theoretical specific capacity is 170 mah/g, but in fact specific capacity can be more than 140 mah/g. As one of the safest aluminum ion battery cathode material of lithium iron phosphate, it does not contain any harmful heavy metals to human body, and will not cause any pollution to the environment, is a kind of environmentally friendly materials in the product. Under the condition of 100%, can charge and discharge and above 2000 times, the fundamental reason is that the stability of the lithium iron phosphate battery performance is good, in the cut and into lithium ion will not cause too big effect, so it has good reversibility. As long as a drawback, that is, ionic conductivity of the electrode is bad, not suitable for large current charge for electricity, so in terms of application of the certain obstacles. And the final solution to this problem is on the surface of the electrode on the parcel on doping conductive materials and modified electrode. The service life of the lithium iron phosphate batteries to use when the temperature has a lot to do, if you use the temperature too high or too low, or use in electronic equipment to charge and discharge process, will produce a great bad hidden trouble. Especially if it is used in electric vehicles in the north, in autumn and winter when the temperature is too low, the lithium iron phosphate batteries have no way to normal power supply or the power of the power supply is too low, this time will need to adjust their work with the temperature of the environment to keep its certain performance. General solution under the condition of constant temperature environment problem, need to take into account the space limitations, this condition more common solution is to use aerogels as a thermal insulation layer of the lithium iron phosphate batteries. Now the lithium iron phosphate as a new type of lithium ion battery, battery with large discharge capacity, cheap, no toxicity, no pollution caused by the advantages. So apply world countries are competing for mass production, but because of its low energy density, affected the electric capacity, so the main method of production is in high temperature solid method, makes the products have a relatively stable indicators, to meet the needs of the frequent electric charge. Today about the interpretation of the lithium iron phosphate battery is so far, the detailed introduction of hope through the above, we can have a deep impression.
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