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Test the electric bicycle is limited dislocation of urban governance

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
After shenzhen 'ward power rationing, recently, the Beijing news, April 11, 10 road, such as Beijing chang an avenue and its extension will ban the electric bicycle traffic. Race on the road will be fined $20, refused to accept the punishment of all buttons. Have expert analysis, a move that could trigger a second - and third-tier cities to follow suit. ( On April 5, Chinese news) Through the city's electric bicycle, because of its ignoring traffic regulations, accident and difficult to manage, become the problem of urban traffic management in recent years. To this, some cities adopt the measures for the management of 'forbidden' or 'limited', limiting electric bikes are driven in some places, or simply banned electric bicycle on the road. One size fits all, of course, the test is limited electric bicycle chaotic solution, the most effective measures directly to the root of the problem of electric bicycle erased from city road, the electric bicycle problems which caused by the natural bridge. But does not mean that the reasonable, effective and may cause more serious problems. Urban traffic system construction and management of primary goal, is to build an orderly traffic system. Reasonable and orderly traffic system, must be respect for pedestrian traffic and motor vehicle traffic rights. And in these two rights, relatively, the rights of pedestrians is more fundamental, driving power is fundamentally belongs to a kind of privilege. So, the former should be urban managers give priority. In some extent, can a city for pedestrian traffic rights shall be the appropriate protection and consideration, but measure the scale of a city degree of humanization. The right to use electric bicycle riding, in my opinion, is a logical extension of the rights of pedestrians and the appropriate extension. And, in the current China's urban public transport environment, electric bicycle has made people's life and travel. Moreover, the use of electric bicycle has become many people a life habit. No matter in terms of it as a right, or just as a convenience for people's habits and customs, the government cannot be arbitrarily deprived of. On this, and guarantee the rights of pedestrians, provide space for electric bicycle riding, safeguard people's rights and convenience, this kind of construction of urban public transport and management are equally important. But, in fact, the current in some cities in traffic planning and traffic management put the cart before the horse. Motor vehicle road is more and more wide, the pedestrian and non-motorized travel space is more and more narrow, the pedestrian's rights have been repeatedly extrusion. And traffic management gives priority to the protection of motor vehicle driving space and alienation. The resulting pedestrians and non-motor vehicles have to motor vehicle traffic, caused a public space traffic chaos and confusion. So, if the electric bicycle has caused traffic chaos and disorder, is important because the urban public traffic system planning is not for electric bicycle defined inviolate independent space, no respect for the rights of the electric bicycle riding. So, when the city managers the electricity when, in fact is not reasonable management measures to remedy its put the cart before the horse planning and design of the formation of the negative consequences, is the deprivation, restricted a more basic rights to protect another kind of privilege. This its unreasonable. Moreover, the electric bicycle is not only a kind of environmental protection way to travel, but also greatly shunt motorized travel, alleviate the pressure of motor vehicle space. In this sense, the electric bicycle is not worse, but reduce the traffic pressure of the city. If the blanket ban electric bicycle on the road, will arrived on motor vehicles, electric vehicles will inevitably worsening urban traffic status, increase the burden of space vehicles, increasing the congestion of the city. The result of this, I'm afraid not city managers want to see. The problem of electric bicycles, in the final analysis is a management problem. Difficult to manage, need the government to improve the management level, the innovation management mode, rather than arbitrary, capricious ground prohibitions, restrictions and transferring the problem here and elsewhere to push this a range of issues out to other areas. Otherwise, even on the surface of the road looks clear, orderly, but behind the narrow and pressure increase, the city managers, in the people is not a good thing. This article from: nine
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