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Temperature is too low, which impact on the electric car battery?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric vehicles as the name implies, or traditional lead-acid batteries, battery temperature directly affects the capacity of the battery, when the above or below constant temperature range, standard capacity with the change of temperature change, low temperature also to cause a decline in the cathode active material utilization, influence the battery capacity, such as battery in - 10 ℃ ambient temperature to devolve power, only 35% of the negative plate capacity rated capacity. Part module bureau winter temperature is generally less than 5 degrees below zero, electric vehicle battery discharge voltage on load capacity to 48 v need seven hours, winter is 3 hours to reach 48 v, and battery voltage drop quickly, soon after the battery discharge in winter in the summer of battery capacity is also difficult to achieve the original capacity, greatly reduce the battery capacity, and battery life. Battery capacity test and check the discharge is very important, we will be in accordance with the regulations of the prescribed time limit for the battery capacity experiment, find out behind the battery, found that the battery capacity is not in conformity with the requirements, unable to process, early replacement.
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