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Repair tips for bulging polymer lithium-ion battery packs

by:Vglory      2021-05-01
Tips for repairing the bulge of polymer lithium ion battery pack 1. Prepare for work. Find a ventilated place and prepare the polymer lithium ion battery pack, scissors, bill holder, toothpicks, 705 transparent silicone rubber, scotch tape, syringe, and a section. The infusion needle of the plastic tube (must be the smallest size); 2. Connect the syringe and the infusion needle to prepare for pumping, hold the needle in a suitable position at the seal of the lithium ion battery pack, and then fix the needle with tape to keep it out of place. Shift, take a small amount of 705 silicone rubber with a toothpick and apply it near the needle to prevent air leakage. 3. Extracting gas Pull the syringe to extract the gas from the battery. After filling a tube, clamp the plastic tube of the needle with a bill holder to separate the syringe from the needle and discharge the gas (Although the gas in the battery is non-toxic, it smells bad. So find a ventilated place), then connect the syringe to the needle and repeat the operation. 4. Sealing After many operations, the encapsulated aluminum film of the battery will gradually tighten and close to the battery body, and the polymer lithium-ion battery pack will also become very hard. When the gas cannot be extracted and the battery is close to the vacuum state, clamp the plastic tube behind the needle with a clip, cut a small piece (1cm square) of transparent tape with scissors, and stick it to the needle hole, press it and set the needle. The operation is complete. 5. Quality inspection Because the pinhole is very small and sealed with silicone rubber and transparent tape, the gas will not enter the battery anymore. After a few hours after the silicone rubber is cured, the lithium-ion battery pack is tested, and the lithium-ion battery pack is fully charged and discharged several times with a relatively small current. If the problem of outgassing no longer occurs, the treatment is completed. If there is still gas, you can follow the above process again and operate again. If it still cannot be solved, the battery has been scrapped. After the above-mentioned treatment, the more than ten swollen polymer lithium-ion batteries that I purchased at a low price on the shopping network have been restored to normal use, and the effect is very good. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of the articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: Lack of outdoor camping power? Portable UPS mobile power supply solves the problem of electricity consumption
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