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Provide power for car battery daily maintenance

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
At the beginning of the automobile engine starting, will drive the generator engine for vehicle electrical system power supply, when the car engine speed reaches a certain automatically into the charging status. Therefore, in addition to start generator providing all the power supply of whole vehicle, the rest of the time is provided by the battery power. Especially the engine starting and lighting, need to provide a powerful battery power. Is below small make up to summarize some Suggestions for automobile storage battery maintenance, hope to be of help. 1, installation: installed in the car battery wants firm, to reduce vibration; Otherwise, when the car driving on the bumpy road, which leads to the battery shake even fall off and damage, even damage the car, more serious is that car broke down. 2, cable, battery cables, union need to often check, whether good contact between line and joint; Otherwise, will probably lead to produce edm, serious will cause the battery explosion, damage to the car. 3, rust: in addition to check installation is firm, also note the battery clip of oxide, sulfate, etc. Can use vaseline in cleaning scrape rust after daub, in case of any corrosion. 4, cleaning: keep the battery outside clean, often clear the dust and dirt on the battery cover spilled electrolyte, help prevent self-discharge. 5, sealing glue, seal must be timely repair after cracking, the reliability of the battery. 6, electrolyte liquid level height: maintain normal electrolyte liquid level height, keep stable performance of the battery. 7, low temperature climate: when the car into the low temperature area, try to avoid completely discharge the battery, and observe the electrolyte will freeze. 8, charging, closely monitor the battery overcharge or long-term loss of electricity. Charging would lead to plate active material hardening off, losing electricity can make the plate vulcanizing. Therefore, car mainly to ensure that no mediator voltage too high or too low. 9, discharge: battery long time large current discharge, will greatly damage the battery internal structure. Recommended every time can't more than 5 seconds, need two consecutive start, interval of 10 - in the middle 15 seconds. Daily maintenance regularly check whether the installation is firm, battery clip with a pile of connection is firm. Keep clear of clamp and a pile of oxide, on its surface coated with vaseline or butter can prevent oxidation again. Regularly check whether the battery surface is clean, should keep clear of dust, oil, dirt such as electrolyte; Keep clear of and liquid hole cover ventilation holes. Regularly check the electrolyte level. Liquid level should be higher than plate commonly 10 mm - 15 mm, should be timely replenish distilled water, when the liquid level is too low. Unless you know liquid surface is reduced due to the electrolyte spatter, otherwise generally does not allow filling sulfuric acid solution. In high temperature season, pay attention to the correction of electrolyte, the proportion of its smaller than important than winter. To prevent excessive consumption caused by high temperature electrolyte, adjustable generator regulator
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