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Prolonging the service life of the electric bicycle lithium battery effective precautions

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
For the bike with lithium batteries, starting off the production line, whether you use, its service life is only two to three years. How to make lithium-ion batteries can be used effectively in the life period, it is the user the usual maintenance. To make bicycle lithium battery with enough two to three years instead of gears, consumers need to pay attention to the following. A, the lithium battery of electric vehicles in the shade, can neither be frozen, nor in the high temperature. Temperature on the vehicle the battery capacity of lithium-ion batteries have great influence. Lithium battery aging speed is determined by the temperature and charging status. High charging status and increasing temperature will speed up the battery capacity decline. If after a full charge the battery in high temperature, it will cause great damage to the battery. Therefore, to be stored for a long time, the best processing method is place the battery to 40% in the shade, it can be preserved in the long term make battery protection circuit operation. Second, electric car lithium-ion batteries should try to avoid often completely discharge. Some automotive lithium-ion batteries because of the excessively low discharge will be scrapped in advance. When the rechargeable battery in 2 per unit. The battery is below 5 volts, will start the internal safety circuit, the battery will start is not working. But if the battery down to each unit 1. Below 5 volts and keep for a long time, to be on the safe side, you can't get to recharge the battery. So for a long time storage, for some electric battery, and every month need to charge later. Three, electric lithium battery should be avoided in the fast charging stations often. Consumer convenience, often go to some quick charge to recharge electric cars in the streets. Little imagine, this will not only shorten the electric vehicle battery life, will also be buried under the safe hidden trouble. The performance of lithium batteries during rapid charge will accelerate the attenuation speed, so often will cause the battery cannot be full of, adequate. If you don't pay attention to, but also may cause the overcharge, thermal runaway, cause an accident resulting in a short circuit. Therefore, as far as possible to use original battery charger to recharge the lithium batteries charging via a standard way, namely the slow charge.
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