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Power battery capacity growth in China leads the world battery consumption accounted for 25% of the global market

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
With the rapid development of domestic electric car industry, as the electric car battery key materials' lithium has become hot, every tons of price since the beginning of 2015 tens of thousands of yuan, up to the present ten yuan. 'price fall is determined by market supply and demand. In the second half of 2015, under the impetus of the national policy in new energy vehicles, electric vehicle development is very good, the demand for lithium resources, the resources of lithium batteries, lithium prices. 'June 20, byd chairman wang chuanfu in the' '- lithium industry New ecological 'international peak BBS said. , according to data from the ministry of 2015, China's new energy vehicle production volume year-on-year growth of 3, respectively. Three times, 3. 4 times. Compared with 4 of pure electric vehicle production and sales. 2 times and 4. Five times the plug-in hybrid car production rose 1. Nine times and 1. Eight times. 'power battery capacity growth leads the world in our country. 'the State Council development research center, deputy director of the enterprise, the researcher said Anthony koko chang, lithium resources in China accounts for about 22% of the world's lithium resources, power battery consumption has accounted for 25% of the global consumer market. Now from the upstream resources development, to the middle production equipment manufacturing, and then to the downstream application of lithium batteries, our country has formed the perfect lithium battery industry chain. 'the center of the electric car booming in China, predicts 2018, demand for electric cars is about 4. 7 million vehicles, the demand of battery is about 200 GWH. 'Jin Xiuling LG chemical co. , LTD vice President said. In spite of the miit website announced Wednesday of the fourth batch of battery enterprise directory, still not have the form of a foreign-capital enterprise, but that did not change their optimistic about China's battery market expectations. In fact, according to the national planning, by 2020, the electric car ownership in China to 5 million vehicles. On the whole industry chain, the battery is the most critical link, 40% ~ 60% of the whole vehicle cost. Our electric vehicle technology route points lithium batteries and fuel cells. 'mainstream or with lithium batteries of electric cars, even if is the fuel cell, also need a lithium-ion secondary batteries, because there is no high fuel cell power density. Lithium batteries, lithium resources demand. 'Mr. Wang said. 'batteries and battery industry is now more and more attention of the country, its important reason is that all countries behind the battery linked with the new energy revolution, the provided battery industry with great imagination. 'China electric car the committee director ni weidou said. But with most of the technology of electric vehicle (ev) mainly rely on market forces development path is different, its positive externalities, the various countries government became the first impetus to industrialization. 'this is unsustainable, and eventually the enterprise must to rely on the market on its own development track. 'ni weidou thinks, from the long run, determine the primary factor in the development of electric vehicles, not today rapidly expand investment in production capacity, but continue to accumulate technological breakthroughs. Lithium-ion batteries, electric vehicles, lithium battery manufacturer, storage battery manufacturer scooter battery manufacturers, product by the supervision and inspection institute of guangdong province, through international CE certification, by the ping an insurance company of China national group, two years warranty, the first in the New Year. For details, please consult the online customer service, or call, the free phone service.
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