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Pay attention to the safety of lithium batteries to prevent spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
Pay attention to the safety of lithium batteries and prevent spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles. Recently, BAK Battery Co., Ltd. Chief Technology Officer Mao Huanyu admitted that the risk of fire, combustion or even explosion of lithium batteries has not been completely eliminated. The collision of the vehicle may cause the battery anode and cathode materials to break through the gap, and the ultra-high current of the battery when the braking energy is quickly charged (when the braking energy of the electric vehicle is recovered, the current can reach 250~300 amperes, and the assumption of ultra-high power cannot be separated. Easy to cause a short circuit). These reasons can cause the battery to short circuit, increase the temperature, cause incineration or even blast. In other cases, the electrolyte of a lithium battery is organic and burns more easily when in contact with air. Leeekexen, general manager of synespowertechnology, compared gasoline batteries and lithium batteries: In principle, a box of gasoline is safer than lithium batteries. Gasoline is stored in a fuel tank and is safe in the absence of external oxygen and open flames. And lithium batteries, battery energy storage batteries, the negative electrode is negative, immersed in a flammable electrolyte solution, as long as a barrier of 20 microns thick, the center is isolated, without any external conditions, the internal structure of the battery itself is negative energy The conditions for the release of heat to burn. The probability of safety problems in power lithium-ion batteries is one in a million to one in a million. This probability is not insignificant when there are fewer electric vehicles, but it is more dangerous when there are more vehicles. The longer the battery life, the worse the safety. The difficulty facing the company lies in the probability of one in a thousand. After testing dozens of prototype vehicles and tens of thousands of kilometers, it is difficult to draw safety conclusions. In the implementation of new electric vehicles, if the power lithium-ion battery has repeated safety accidents, it is bound to have a great negative impact on the implementation of electric vehicles. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: Life cycle of solar panels
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