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Lithium electric forklift with lead-acid battery maintenance tips

by:Vglory      2020-09-06
Electric forklift refers to lithium batteries as traction, drives the motor running, to work, for the purpose of vehicle battery forklift is one of the important core vehicle parts, associated with, such as forklifts, forklift circuit working hours use efficiency, our company as shenzhen is a professional forklift battery supplier, has many years of industry experience, form a complete set of imported electric forklift truck is given priority to, both at home and abroad with first-class standard operation system and continue to perfect service network, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide high performance and long life of the lead-acid lithium batteries; The following simple introduce electric forklift daily check secret: 1, check leakage, the point is: each pipe joint, brake pump, lifting oil cylinder, water tank, engine, gearbox, drive axle, steering, steering cylinder, etc. 2, check tire pressure: insufficient should be added to the specified value, confirm not leak. Check whether there is any breakage on tyre surface and side, whether the rim deformation. 3, polyurethane tire inspection: the inspection with road surface condition, see if there is a greater degree of tyre wear, equipped with pattern of tyre, wheel rolling direction should be paid attention to. 4, brake fluid, water check: check the brake fluid is within the scope of the scale, and check whether the brake pipe in mixed with air. Add the brake fluid, prevent the dust, mixed with water. To the water tank with water, use clean running water, if use the antifreeze, should return the same antifreeze. Water temperature higher than 70 degrees, open the tank cover, open the lid, put a piece of thin cloth, do not twist belt cover the tank cover. 5, electric forklift hydraulic oil, electrolytic check: dial out oil rod, end after rub-up insert pull to check whether the oil level is between the scale line. Work within the tank oil level should be between two calibration; Oil is too little, in line with the air, too much will overflow from the cover board. The battery electrolyte to scale up and down in the same line, between deficiencies are to add distilled water to the line. 6, brake springboard, micro pedals, hand brake check: on the each pedal, check whether there are abnormal dull or jam. Confirm the safety and reliability of the electric lift trucks in the handle. 7, belt, horn, lights, instrument such as check: check the electric forklift belt looseness is in accordance with the provisions, no adjustment allowance has crack or damage, should be replaced; Horn, lights, instrument shall be properly. 8, lithium battery maintenance: electric forklift use should pay special attention to in a timely manner to the lithium battery and lithium battery and maintenance, must pay attention to the method when lithium batteries, lithium batteries as adequate electricity, and do not make lithium battery over charge. Discover when the battery is low, charge should be as soon as possible, prevent the excessive discharge of lithium-ion batteries. 9, in the operation of the vehicle, not to 'forward and backward' may be mistaken for the direction of the switch to switch. 10, put oil filter sediment. 11, check each part of strong situation, the key is: goods fork frame support, lifting chain taut refresher screw, brake steering wheel bolt, wheel fixed pin, screw. 12, check the reliability of the steering gear, flexibility. 13, cleaning electric forklift truck on the dirt, dirt and scale, the key is: goods fork slide door frame, generator and starter, lithium battery electrode fork water tank, air filter.
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