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Lithium battery plate lead paste material and function

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
Lithium battery lead paste with raw materials is the most important components of lead oxide, water - H2SO4, and the other for a small amount of additives. ( 1) With the ball mill lead oxide powder, barton powder. Here the emphasis on and lead powder properties and process of paste. ( 2) Water consumption depends on the battery lead powder properties ( Category) And adding additives, especially organic expansion agent and mixed way, mostly depends on the apparent density and hardness of the lead paste. ( 3) Sulfuric acid and cream with sulfuric acid concentration range of relative density d = 1. 1 - 1. 4, with acid quantity in 3% Changes between 6%, used in the sulphuric acid to accord with the standard battery acid. ( 4) Anode lead paste additives (1) with additives including expansive agent, conductive agent, inhibitor agent, strengthening agent, etc. Expansive agent and lignin sulfonate derivatives by wood, humic acid, barium sulfate, carbon materials, usually with barium sulfate ( Inorganic) With lignin and its derivatives ( Organic) 。 In the second world war, made of composite material plate to replace the wooden partition, found that the negative plate capacity when he worked in low temperature fell sharply, then the study found that this is due to the lack of lignin sulfonate electrolyte causes of this phenomenon; Original wooden partition, it dissolved lignin sulfonate in the electrolyte, as this phenomenon is found that the results when the battery lignin sulfonate was added to the anode. Then a series of lignin and its derivatives is made of highly active many varieties of expansive agent used in the anode, such as increasing battery low temperature performance, successively has many negative expansion agent formula. Another kind of expansion agent is BaSO4. It is as PbS04 crystals into crystalline agent, to ensure that the Pb - S04 crystals evenly distributed along the active material internal surface, this function depends on PbS04 with between BaSO4 crystal phenomenon caused by. Conductive agent mainly improve the conductivity of active material, especially when the discharge end of the most active substances have become PbS04 crystal, need to improve its conductivity. This kind of material carbon materials are: carbon black, acetylene black, carbon fiber and graphite. The above relationship needs a proper balance proportion, can ensure that the cathode and the discharge end of the play to the excellent performance at low temperature. A typical formula is as follows. Lignin ( Or lignin derivatives) 0. 2% - 0. 5%BaSO40. 2% - 0. 0 8% carbon materials. 1% - 0. More than 3% of the proportion is for calculating the amount of lead paste quality. The inhibitor agent used to block ( Inhibition of) Self-discharge of battery when open shelving, or reduce the loss of the cathode active material in dry storage charge ( Dry charged oxidation loss) The material. This kind of materials for organic compounds, usually the inhibitor agent similar surfactant. It is first to lead the surface adsorption, to distribution into film, block ( Or inhibit) Hydrogen precipitation reaction and oxidation reaction of Pb. The blocking oxide Pb1/2 o2 - PbO restrain hydrogen evolution Pb + + 2 e - - H2SO4 - > PBSO4 + 2 h + such resistance agent into the lead paste, especially with Pb - Sb: gold plate gate is very effective. This kind of inhibitor agent into the cream can make up for Pb - people lead The defects of Sb alloy. Show the effect of the inhibitor compounds are: zinc stearate, a minus And the B - CAI phenol, a minus Nitroso - B Monuments, CAI acid, between an amino phenol etc. Some effective inhibitor for agent. General content in the cathode is 0. 1% - 0. 2%. This kind of strengthening agent are: polypropylene, chlorofibre, polyester and other synthetic fibers. Usually cut into 3 mm length of lead paste. Dosage is 0. 1% - 0. 3%.
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