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Lithium battery forklift intellectualization management system

by:Vglory      2020-09-03
A set of 3 tons forklift lithium-ion batteries, prices ranging from 3-50000, if the management is not rigorous, loss is very big, the electrolyte control, filling water system, charging and discharging these, can realize integration of management, battery manufacturing belongs to electrochemical industry, factory equipment, personnel configuration, process management personnel's knowledge structure, experimental equipment, the research direction, etc, are configured according to the requirements of electrochemical industry, does not have the ability to research and development of BMS battery management system, although some battery manufacturers also developed their own battery management system, but is not really applied to vehicles, but to buy other companies of the BMS system, as to the actual effect, only with a round of know. This kind of situation is very common in the electric car industry, also is the people often say that 'people don't understand the car battery, understand people don't understand the battery car, understand car and battery don't understand the battery management', the choice of forklift lithium battery management system became a constant process of 'trial and error'. It is because of the wrong understanding and the back of the battery management system of our country, caused our country electric vehicles, forklift ten years have not been able to achieve the plight of commercial value; Believe in the near future forklift lithium battery management system will be a new breakthrough.
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