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Lithium battery forklift differences between monomer what effect is there?

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Forklift is a traction type battery, lithium-ion batteries for more than 2 v monomer series combination, single capacity difference, consistency, decided to the lithium battery for the whole subsequent discharge and recharge to accept ability, lithium-ion battery pack is different from single cells of extra features, design and manufacturing technology level, based on the battery performance difference between monomer throughout its life cycle in the objective existence, to avoid monomer early failure due to overcharge, discharge, make the function of the battery pack and performance indicators at or close to the monomer average, to realize scientific management of lithium battery charge and discharge is necessary. Is computer cloud management, can management by data forklift lithium battery monomer voltage, capacity, density, temperature monitoring, such as to avoid subsequent differentiation, the service life of lithium-ion battery pack is influenced by many factors, if the battery is lower than single less than half of the average life expectancy, deduce is due to improper use of technology, primary reason when the push through the charge and discharge monomer battery failure ahead of time. Power management technology has been very perfect, but in the lithium battery pack, the difference between monomer is always present, capacity, for example, the difference will never tend to disappear, but is gradually deteriorating. Group through the same current, relatively large capacity is always in shallow shallow filling, tend to be small current capacity attenuation, longevity, slow and small person is always in large current charge discharge capacity, tend to capacity attenuation speed, shorten the life, the performance parameters of the differences between more and more big, form positive feedback characteristic, small capacity failure ahead of time, shorten the life.
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