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How to use and maintain lead-acid batteries on a daily basis?

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
Daily use and maintenance of lead-acid batteries. With the continuous development of domestic science and technology and the continuous maturity of processing technology, the performance of UPS is getting better and better, the mean time between failures is longer and longer, and the reliability of the whole machine is getting higher and higher. The use and maintenance of a good UPS battery becomes particularly important. (1) Charging of the new battery. After the installation of the new lead-acid battery, it is generally required to be charged for a longer period of time. The charging should be carried out according to the regulations in the manual. After the battery pack is fully charged, perform a discharge, and then discharge again. The purpose of charging is to extend the service life of the battery and improve the activity and charge-discharge characteristics of the battery. (2) It is strictly forbidden to over-voltage charging the UPS battery because over-voltage charging will cause the water contained in the electrolyte in the battery to be electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen and escape, thereby shortening the battery life. (3) It is strictly forbidden to over-discharge the battery of the UPS, because over-discharge will easily sulphate the surface of the internal plates of the battery. As a result, the internal resistance of the battery will increase, and even the reverse polarity of individual batteries will result in permanent storage of the battery. Sexual damage. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: What are the characteristics and advantages of power lithium-ion batteries?
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