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How to identify forklift battery quality?

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Forklift battery quality, how to identify the problem relates to the forklift to use the transport costs of enterprises, to purchase a set of stable quality of forklift batteries could save a lot of trouble later, we have seen cases, once the foshan region has a customer from zhenjiang a battery plant to buy a set of 48 v550ah heli forklift batteries, use half a year after the monomer smoke, electrolyte volatile too fast, use a shorter time, and so on and so forth, adding distilled water every two weeks once before, now want to add a times a day, and you must artificial recharge is unattended, filling water in time, or dry up immediately, and produce a large number of gas and unpleasant smell, the whole person charging machine room in it for ten minutes can't afford, acid mist in the air filled with a large number of pungent, dazzling, aiming at this situation, customer feedback the information to the forklift battery manufacturers, the factory has said adding water to add fast is very normal, refused to replace single cells, but also for technical questions seem to be very impatient, but, finally he found out our customer, we are sending engineers to the scene, trying to identify the current vehicles, forklift charging system problem, check to which the connection has four forklift battery monomer in the micro short circuit, the proportion of the electrolyte density is zero, each monomer battery tenths of v, the whole forklift use time less than 2 hours, frequent charging, lead to the rest of the twenty monomer battery density is uneven, the next day we had four forklift battery maintenance, welding in the past, people thought that this problem should be solved? The question is yet to come? When we put the forklift battery monomer smoke up, ready to replace welding, the original battery the padding, forklift iron extensions of welding a piece of steel plate at the bottom, and our standard size differ for 40 mm, this time, customers bring out the original standard nameplate, capacity is 550 ah, a battery is marked on the nameplate of 550 ah, although monomer size gap very far, how also capacity of up to 500 ah, but uncover filler cover inside the battery plate is low, weight is not up to standard, estimation should be the actual capacity of around 450 ah, and the whole forklift battery price to buy back to several thousand yuan higher than the market purchasing prices, if 'the conscience'; It is said, later customers are prepared to offer the court litigation, require replacement of the same capacity size forklift battery pack. Remarks: we hope that the domestic forklift battery production factories on quality, for the heart don't blindly pursue profit, no goods, eventually eliminated out of the city. News came from: shenzhen power supply co. , LTD of derivation:
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