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How to extend the service life of lithium-ion battery pack

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
Until today in development of power battery has become the bottleneck of the electric car industry recognized. The main performance for poor consistency, including the world's best-known manufacturer also is helpless on this issue. Otherwise the mass market for certain developed countries. From a historical point of view, whatever the structure which material of the battery didn't do it today, we are looking for consistency. The main factors affecting the above two questions is the consistency of the battery. It should be said that the battery consistency includes two contents: one is the nominal capacity. 2 is aging curve. The acceleration attenuation power battery may not be the lithium batteries itself quality problem, but there was a problem in the consistency of power battery. Such as a string from the more than one hundred series of battery charging to 80% will not go in, and it a set of all the battery can only charge to 80%, resulting in the whole of the power battery capacity can reach 80% of the original. This requires all the indices such as voltage, internal resistance, capacity of the single cells are consistent, but even the same lithium battery manufacturers use the same material, formula, production technology, its the same batch of monomer battery performance differences exist, sometimes a little more obvious different batches of product difference. The original in terms of performance is little different from the battery group, after the performance of the battery pack and life will be affected. So, consistency problem is the current domestic power lithium battery industry urgent conquer technology. How to reduce the influence of batteries battery caused by inconsistent? Now the most common practice from two aspects: 1. Source from batteries testing, ensure that each set of batteries from voltage, internal resistance, capacity of consistency. Domestic traditional approach is by the artificial detection of the parameters of those batteries, this approach will undoubtedly error influence the service life of lithium-ion battery pack. 2:PACK( Packaging group) After the work of the whole battery pack in a certain period of time, due to the inconsistency of the cell itself, the working temperature, the influence of such factors as inconsistency will eventually show a big difference, the serious influence the service life of the battery pack and use of the system, will eventually affect the normal use of vehicle. This requires the intervention of the BMS system, BMS ( 电池管理系统) Lithium battery management system is a complete set of electrical system control core. As all batteries smart brain, BMS take beyond the power of precise calculation and charge and discharge, it also provides for current, voltage, temperature, connection exception safety protection. Ward technology co. , LTD, shenzhen state poly lithium battery brand according to the consistency of the battery pack problem introducing advanced automation intelligent sorting equipment, computer measurement of the voltage, internal resistance and capacity of those batteries, such as information, ensure the sorting out of each cell within the parameters of the consistent, greatly improves the life span of the battery pack to work. With active balancing BMS integrated chip solutions at the same time, the active balancing strategy is to jump out of the original original BMS international integrated chip level solutions, accurate monitoring of each monomer battery energy, and take the initiative to realize the efficient transfer of energy between single cells, so as to achieve the purpose of the energy balance between monomer batteries, and significantly improve the performance of the battery that is commonly referred to as' high fill low type of active balancing, tested the technology can increase the capacity of the battery pack 20%, prolong the service life of the lithium battery power 25%, thus greatly reduce the comprehensive cost of lithium-ion battery pack. The above two kinds of equipment and the introduction of technology increased the cost of production of lithium-ion batteries, but the service life of the battery PACK is greatly increased, the strict control of product quality, focus on electric lithium battery PACK, committed to build electric lithium battery brand
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