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How long need to replace a lithium battery forklift?

by:Vglory      2020-09-07
As a green energy carrying vehicles, electric forklift driving force comes from lead acid lithium battery, but the life of the battery has certain limitations, so as to use, what is need to replace the early stage of the lithium battery forklift requirement? Lithium battery forklift in 900 - normal life The cycle of 1500 times or so, in many products of the company, will today focuses on its electric forklift which on the one hand, but has nothing to do with the price on the one hand, but on the other side, so that we can understand its more knowledge content, thus the electric forklift to understand fully, and do a complete and detailed, so as not to miss any one. And for us, this also is a very good opportunity to learn, to oneself have a lot of help, and let our benefit, so we hope you will seriously, don't miss it. Electric lift trucks in the general how long does it take to change a battery? The main is to look at the specific usage, if use everyday, then the replacement cycle is not long, usually a year or so. But if use frequency is not high, so is generally replaced every two to three years. In addition, it also related to the capacity of the battery, the capacity of small change cycle shorter. Next, we learn about the electric forklift truck operation of some of the content, what are mainly its operation and matters needing attention. ( 1) Electric lift trucks in the startup, speed too fast or too hard. ( 2) The private note the reading on the meter when driving, if the voltage is lower than the limit, so can't continue to use the forklift. ( 3) Electric forklift driving and ascend, cannot simultaneously, so as to avoid problems. ( 4) If with poor road conditions, should be appropriate to slow down. ( 5) The cargo weight, should be no more than a forklift rated lifting weight.
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