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How long add water a lithium battery forklift?

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
Lithium battery forklift belongs to open type traction type, later need often adding distilled water, once the negligence, will cause the forklift lithium battery short circuit for lack of distilled water, cannot use, forklift battery has the advantages of low fluid loss, low maintenance, long working time, water loss rate is low, widely applied to various storage and logistics, mining, food industry and other fields, is the choice for battery forklift, in the process of charge and discharge, the water in the electrolyte will gradually reduce by electrolysis and evaporation, led to the decrease of the electrolytic liquid level. If not timely supplement, may shorten the service life of the lithium battery, should be timely replenish distilled water or deionized water, avoid by all means is replaced with drinking purified water and mineral water. Because water is contained in a variety of trace elements and minerals, the lithium battery can cause adverse effects. And if something accidentally fell into the electrolyte, scoop, never use a metal to stick clip out impurities; Torch lithium batteries has developed the perfect type, convenient maintenance and repair, such as wire or copper wire to scoop, metal molecules will be under the corrosion of sulphuric acid in the lithium battery to form self-discharge, and the damage of lithium battery. Should be filling water once a month, other various lithium battery should be according to the condition of water consumption, giving added distilled water on a regular basis. To temporarily does not use lithium battery, can delay for months for filling water. For lithium battery after filling water, should right amount added. If some lithium battery level decline faster, filling water frequently, to check the car's voltage regulator limit is too high. Charging too high will appear too, water is used up big, evaporate quickly, the condition can be solved by adjusting the limit of voltage. If there are any individual cell falling fast, to check whether to produce the phenomenon of short circuit. In addition, also look at the battery slot with and without cracks, electrolyte leakage, dealt with according to the truth after the judgment. Lithium battery forklift run normally, can only filling water, must not add electrolyte! If electric stacker vehicle lithium battery, the electrolyte flow leads to loss, can replenish electrolytes. Supplement of electric lift trucks in the electrolyte should be according to the original electrolyte density shall be added. Sometimes forklift won't start, many people will think is save electricity shortage caused by electric forklift, tend to the lithium battery in the electrolyte, backfired and shorten the service life of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium battery forklift use frequently, need to often check whether electrolyte buoy sinking, when the buoy sink must strictly abide by the forklift battery use manual operation by the chapter.
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