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High quality characteristics of ternary lithium polymer battery

by:Vglory      2020-08-16
Portable portable power station, more or less to different industry provides a convenient, such as camping trip can bring more appliances, commercial roadshow don't need to pull a long power cord, a portable portable power station can charge anytime and anywhere. Portable portable power station can be divided into two categories, lithium polymer and lead-acid storage battery, now basically is to use safer lithium polymer batteries, lithium polymer battery is lithium ion battery upgrading products. High quality ternary lithium polymer battery and lithium polymer battery upgrade version. So, what is the lithium polymer battery? What are characteristics of portable portable power stations of this kind of battery? The question, might not be familiar with the battery for some people, also don't know much about it. Then, we introduce high-quality ternary lithium polymer battery characteristics: three yuan a, high quality lithium polymer battery safety is higher, can fully protect the product and the safety of the user; Second, the high quality of ternary lithium polymer battery capacity can be is more than double that of the same size of lithium ion battery; Third, the battery can be bending deformation, strong toughness, maximum bending at 90 ° or so, so it can be designed into a variety of shapes; Four, high quality, high density of ternary lithium polymer battery and can be made into light thin cells, volume is very small, very easy to carry. So the ternary lithium polymer battery with high quality is safer than ordinary products, portable power station capacity more daye and lighter. Learn more about the portable portable power station data refer to 'the characteristics of portable portable power station'
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