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Hangzhou forklift battery CPD30 solution

by:Vglory      2020-09-05
3 t forklift, hangzhou models CPD30, form a complete set of forklift battery pack is 80 v480ah, consists of 40 only 2 v480ah monomer battery series, can have soft connection, welding type to choose, the iron box size for: 1070 x995x495mm, custom need to draw the drawings, size is not big, can't let go in, otherwise the battery 3 tons of hangzhou forklift battery tray with independent patent technology of lithium battery and lithium battery, ensure the lithium-ion battery pack use more security; Plate of the gate frame is made of lead antimony alloy, can be used in the demanding high and low temperature environment, poor power conditions, adsorption type glass fiber technology makes the gas recombination efficiency is as high as 99%, multivariate lattice design make the battery installation and maintenance more economic, the cathode reaction of metallic lead, part of a combined with hydrogen generating water, realizes the battery internal gas recombination, our company is shenzhen professional supply hangzhou forklift supporting various types of battery pack, from the integration of design, installation, sales and after-sales service.
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