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Forklift charging and discharging lithium battery monomer voltage changes

by:Vglory      2020-08-21
Forklift lithium battery in the process of charging and discharging, the voltage of the monomer to produce change, with the increase of working condition of forklifts, voltage falling, to a certain degree, will meet the requirements of pressure limiting and started charging voltage rapidly up to 2. 2 volts, then along with the growth of the charging time, voltage gradually to 2. 3 v, after a few hours to 2. About 6 volt, were now full of, such as continue to charge, positive and negative plate itself produces little chemical reaction ( Because almost all lead sulfate conversion) , the charging current will start the water electrolysis in sulfuric acid solution as the oxygen and hydrogen, respectively near the positive and negative plate, can see a lot of bubbles. When, at the end of the charging forklift lithium battery electrolyte proportion reaches 1. 28 ~ 1. 29, terminal voltage will gradually reduced to 2. About 17 v, plates of electrolyte proportion is higher, the electrolyte important lower than outside, slowly blend to finally stable in 2. About 15 volts.
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