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Forklift battery 'electrolysis of water' phenomenon

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Forklift truck as a lead-acid battery power battery, its reaction principle is a charging and discharging process, good control of these two conditions, the range of the battery is high, our industrial development is faster, industrial forklift demand is gradually increasing with lithium batteries, every year large quantities of lead materials, how to make the forklift battery electrolyte to maintain the balance of response and have a higher energy storage power? We are in the process of use, high lithium battery charging voltage will lead to hydrogen precipitation in electrolyte, and produce the phenomenon of the electrolysis of water, electrolytic reaction temperature, restricted by cooling conditions, for the most part in the internal heat, increase reaction velocity, can destroy the whole battery in a short time; Electrolytic reaction gas, on the other hand, more than the critical value, through the relief valve rushed out of the battery, caused by water loss, if more than 10%, the plate is cracked, eventually lead to bump, scrap. If owe pressurized and then its internal active substances are not effectively, will cause the electricity plate sulphates, causing resistance increases, so the technology must rely on forklift battery charging system on the basis of the study, otherwise don't match the charging curve, will be ahead of the end of the battery.
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