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Forklift, and lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-08
Forklift as handling machinery main equipment, its driving force comes from the lead acid lithium battery, when circuit malfunction code, implicated in the battery working state, and even affect the battery life, it is well known that any forklift truck and equipment, cycle time grew, lines and mechanical failure is inevitable, as the user how to eliminate these reasons? For electric forklift truck is no exception, it may also occur when using certain fault, what is? Common fault of power system is mainly manifested in not charging, charging voltage is too low and charging voltage is too high, normal lithium battery forklift work time can be up to eight hours, you must check all components, once can't satisfy the workload is associated with, under the following simple said some forklift troubleshooting methods: 1, not charging failure phenomenon: electric stacker engine work normally when charging indicator or the ammeter indicates a negative direction, generator out of power, lithium battery is not charging. The cause of the problem: generator failure, the failure of controller or electrical wiring. 2, electric stacker charging voltage is too low, fault phenomenon, engine working process, the charge indicator flashes or ammeter in zero swinging, use multimeter measuring dc voltage at the ends of the lithium battery or generator voltage value, such as lower than standard value, indicates the charging voltage is too low. The cause of the problem: regulator voltage imbalance or defective work, belt too loose,, rectifier, rotor and other parts of the stator of its generator within a fault. 3, charging voltage is too high, fault phenomenon, stacker engine working process of the light bulb is burned, lithium battery electrolyte consumption too fast, use multimeter measuring dc voltage at the ends of the lithium battery or generator voltage value, such as higher than the standard value, indicates charging voltage is too high. The cause of the problem: regulator working voltage imbalance or defective. People may encounter when using electric forklift electric forklift appear such failure, when encountering people can in time according to the above reasons, if we cannot solve can be solved please professional maintenance staff to the door. More news source:
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